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So, November is right around the corner, and with it, a shower (excuse me, a flood) of tv appearances, magazine interviews and public fan events all around the world. Because I am in a sarcastic mood (you have been warned) I will do a mock-up of the 10 questions that are likely to be asked over and over again, questions to which we either have already heard the answer to so many times I could probably recant them by heart, or questions that are invasive and make me sick. Here goes the top 10. To make this even funnier, add your own in the comments section!

1. So Taylor, you had to bulk up a lot for this role. Tell us about that. (Noooooooo, not again!!!!!, I don’t care!! I gain weight every year and no one wants to hear about it!)

2. So Robert, Edward Cullen’s hair is like..worshipped all around the world. Is it mousse? (Need I comment?)

3. Rob and Kristen. Do you fuck each other when no one is looking? How about when people are looking? You’re not answering? (I’m SO shocked!)

4. How is it to be kissed by the hottest vampire in the world? (She doesn’t know!? What, was she on acid when she kissed him?! Ah, he’s not TRULY a vampire? I see..)

5. What are the secrets on the set? (Because that is SO relevant to this movie, everyone HAS to know your dirty behind the scenes secrets!)

6. Kristen, Robert, do you read about yourselves online? (And we blame them for thinking Twilight fans have no substance? Again, my interpretation, which I happen to think is accurate)

7. OMG Robert, like, are you single??!!! (to which if he answers yes, the world thinks he’s lying, if he answers no, that same world either thinks he’s lying, or secretly wants to find, stalk and kill said girlfriend, oh or worse, want to see them going at it)

8. Taylor, how do you feel being the third wheel to Robert and Kristen (variant: Team Jacob or Team Edward)? (He’s not a freaking third wheel, he’s a legitimate important character in an actual love-triangle that was written by the author, who is the only person in the world who can truly and adequately quantify of Jacob’s importance to Bella in the books. Newsflash, those characters? They’re not ours..! Neither are the actors playing them!)

9. Are you guys all friends off-set like a big happy skipping family? (Were we doing an interview about a MOVIE? I forgot…Also, are you blind? We see them shopping and going to concert nearly everyday, yes, I’m sure they all secretly hate each other)

10. Did Rob really fall off the bed in the audition? (Dude, that was like over a year ago. Move on! Still not relevant..)

Here is my list of questions I would like to ask them if I were to be an interviewer. Sadly, I think I would never get hired, because I probably wouldn’t cater to most people’s curiosity. Isn’t it ironic? What has become of entertainment and who is to blame?

1. What have you changed in your performance from the first movie to the second to adapt and keep the characters moving through the story?

2. Kristen, you had to go to extreme emotions to accurately relay Bella’s story in this movie. How did you prepare yourself for that? Taylor as well, it must have been difficult to portray the immense rejection of Bella’s character, how did you prepare yourself?

3. It has been reported that a lot of the people involved with this movie are very musically inclined. How was music incorporated in the movie and what feel were you trying to create?

4. Rob, you have mentioned in the past it was hard for you to try and “look pretty” while trying to look “scary”. In New Moon, most of your performance is resumed by rapid intense flashes. Did you get more comfortable and was it easier for you to slip into character?

5. What are your next projects, can you tell us a little about the character you will be playing and why you chose that role for your portfolio?

6. So many fans relate to New Moon in very different ways. How did New Moon affect you and what did you take from it that you thought was most important be included in the film?

7. Was Chris Weitz a very hands-on director, or did he leave you a lot of creative control in your performance?

8. What can we expect from Eclipse and director David Slade, how is it different from Twilight/New Moon?

9. In the Twilight Saga universe, every emotions are so intense and lived as a heightened experience. Do you think it’s representative of young love today or does it simply explain why so many are passionate about the saga, vicariously living through Bella, emotions which are unattainable in real life?

10. Apart from the unavoidable fame, how has filming the Twilight saga changed your life and your perspective on life. Has it influenced you in some way, like it has so many others?

That’s all for now!


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I currently have absolutely nothing to say as it is already way too late for me to still be up (blame it on late night inspiration, which seems to be my burden in life to bear) which was at the very least quite productive.

My random thoughts of the day are that self-control is very elusive. It’s so hard to get it back, so easy to lose it, and I am still battling with it.  I eat my emotions, or something. And then I pour them out on a sheet of paper (it just sounds romantic, I type it all up neatly on a Word document of course. Then I blog about it.)

Does anyone ever feel like they’re more than one person (or personality) living up there in their brain, fighting for control? I’m sociable yet I’m extremely shy. I’m sarcastic and cutting on paper (again, say it with me, computer) but usually incapable of uttering a fast retort in person. I’m deep and truthful and open in writing but overly funny, the keep nasty feeling tucked away inside kind of girl in person? I’m a good mom, yet I feel guilty for not being a good woman. I’m creative which I’m proud of, but I’m also ashamed because it was drilled in my head that it was a fickle lazy path. I find women with curves beautiful and powerful in their confidence yet I hate myself at whatever weight I’m at, always seeing some distorted image reflecting back at me, mocking me. I’m really strong, I can handle a lot. But I’m also really weak and emotional at times. So where do I stand, if I’m still so lost? Who am I in there? Can I really be all of those?

And don’t think I’m incredibly strong for writing all this out. We’re all individually fucked, some way or another. But I really believe that if you acknowledge it, reflect on it, and try to learn from it, that’s how you can make a clean break and heal properly, with time and a little care.

On a lighter subject, I find myself perplexed that the Twi-fanbase reads interviews where Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart clearly state that Twitter is responsible for them not being able to stay in one place for too long without being “practically mobbed” (my exageration) and yet keep tweeting and blogging about their private gatherings. Sets, event and public appearances I have no problem with but private outings? And what’s with all the berating papparazzi about doing their jobs? – I mean, I get it, your hearts are in the right place and I applaud you for it – But they are simply following them so intensely BECAUSE of the demand! How often I’ve seen in the same post-tweet or whatever “Oh my god, R/K going to (insert usual suspect bands) concert tonight, I hope the paps and fans leave them alone. (3 fucking paragraphs later) I hope we get pics!!! We haven’t had any recently!!”

I mean, really? And seriously, I’m just trying to bring some perspective because I get it! I’m curious too, it’s human nature! Even if you don’t care, you can’t help secretly wondering because it’s on SO many people’s minds and everywhere you turn your head a magazine is talking about it! It’s too much! But when I see stars look like these two have been looking recently, it kinda kills my buzz and I think, you know what? I’ve judged that from what I’ve seen, I think they’re probably together. So good for them. End of story, nothing to see, move on. In the meantime, they still have killer chemistry ONscreen. That’s all it takes to satisfy me. I’m easy, ask my hubby! And if it turns out I’m wrong, well, at least I’m satisfied in knowing that I didn’t join a mob that did major damage and I wasn’t hurting anyone with my silent convictions and some errant squealing – I am female after all – . Oh, also? I won’t be disappointed and start hating on the freaking messenger like a dog marking their territory. I’m sure I’ll be busier pondering the future of my kids, my move, my wedding or something less trivial and directly affecting my future! Rant over.

Did I say I had nothing to say? Who was I kidding…

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